Forecast 5-30-23

Warming Trend Starts Today
More warmer temperatures ahead for the Mid-Ohio Valley
Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 4:32 PM EDT|Updated: 43 minutes ago
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With the unofficial start of summer starting yesterday, our weather is going to take full advantage of that throughout the week! This is going to start with lots of dry weather returning to the Mid-Ohio Valley. Still, the area of low pressure that has been bringing lots of rain to the Mid-Atlantic over the weekend is still lingering towards our east. The potential for a stray shower is possible this afternoon, but we will keep that chance slim and mainly off towards the far eastern portion of the region (off into Wirt and Ritchie counties). Overall, almost all of us will stay dry today and we will also be looking looking at lots of sunshine. With our mild start to our morning, this will help bump our temperatures a few degrees higher compared to yesterday. By the afternoon, we will be climbing into the mid 80s. Not towards the 90s yet, but it’s coming!

Throughout the entire week, high pressure will be controlling our weather! This means we are just going to be looking at sunny and calm conditions through the week. The only thing that will be changing is our daytime high temperature. By Wednesday, we will be surpassing the mid 80s and then into Friday, we will be approaching the low 90s. With the hot summer weather returning to the Mid-Ohio Valley, it is best to have plans in place to stay hydrated and cool during the hottest part of the day. If you have any outdoor activities planned, make sure to take frequent breaks for the sun and to also wear plenty of sunshine.

Since we are not going to be seeing any rain at all over the next couple of days, we will watch to see if we will roll into drought conditions by the end of the week. The weekly drought monitor is release every Thursday, and we could be making a return to that when it is released. Rainfall totals for the month is already around 1 inch below average. This now puts our yearly total so far also and inch behind the current running average. Hopefully we will start to see some rain return to the Mid-Ohio Valley, but for now, dry weather will be persisting through the start of next week.