USPS: No post offices closing near Parkersburg right now

Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 5:36 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va (WTAP) - In a written statement, officials from the United States Postal Service clarified that they are not planning to close any of the post offices in the Appalachian District, which includes the Parkersburg area, at this time.

Some confusion arose last week when Senator Joe Manchin asked for clarification from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy about signs hung in several post offices around West Virginia, which suggested the posts would close within a month. In a report from our sister station WDTV, a Parkersburg office was listed as one post that could have closed.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that both Manchin and union officials say the Postal Service is considering closing post offices across the country. Recent reports have shown some people are concerned by how reducing the post office may affect mail-in ballots in November.

Manchin shares those concerns.

“Secretary of State Warner has said there will be mail-in ballots, right? absentees. Starting in August you can request them. So, we’re going to have to have a functioning postal service for this to operate, to work. It’s just asinine to think that you could shut something down or throttle it back in terms of a pandemic, when basically the lifeline for voting and democracy- it’s going to be in the hands of the postal service,” said Manchin.

AP reports these concerns come as Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has recently moved to cut overtime hours for thousands of postal workers.

In a written statement sent to WTAP Thursday morning, USPS officials say they are “developing a business plan to ensure that we will be financially stable and able to continue to provide dependable, affordable, safe and secure delivery of mail and packages to all Americans as a vital part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. The plan, which will be presented to the Board of Governors when it is finalized, will include new and creative ways to help us fulfill our mission, and will focus on the Postal Service’s strengths to maximize our prospects for long-term success.”

“In addition to developing a broader business plan, the Postal Service is taking immediate steps to increase operational efficiency by re-emphasizing existing plans that have been designed to provide prompt and reliable service within current service standards. By running operations on time and on schedule, we will enhance our ability to be sustainable so that we can continue to provide high-quality, reasonably-priced service to all people and businesses in the country.”

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