Longtime Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce accountant and bookkeeper retires

Candi Heiss
Candi Heiss(Gant Bleakley | Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce)
Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 6:38 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Candi Heiss, who has worked with the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce in many capacities, notably as an accountant and bookkeeper, for 18 years retired last week. Heiss had originally intended to retire on March 27 but decided to stay longer to support the Chamber of Commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heiss has 13 grandchildren and plans to spend much of her new chapter enjoying time with them.

“The oldest [grandchild] is graduating high school this year so, to me, that was a wakeup call telling me, ‘Don’t be missing stuff.’...It was time to go and watch their games and do everything that I could...It was a tough decision, but I think it was a good one,” Heiss said.

Heiss began working with the Chamber of Commerce by providing services through her own bookkeeping business, and was brought on as an employee by Carrie Ankrom when she was named the Chamber’s president and CEO.

Heiss said that one of the projects she was most interested in was the Marietta Bucks program.

“I feel so strongly about it. It helps the community and keeps the money in our city, where we like to keep it. I think it’s a huge boost for smaller businesses to be involved with Marietta Bucks, and to keep our people shopping in those locations. I felt very strongly about that program,” Heiss said.

Overall, Heiss said she had a positive experience working with the Chamber of Commerce.

“I worked with a lot of great people. The people in Marietta, the business people and the board, they all want what’s best for Marietta, there’s no doubt about that,” Heiss said. “It’s a good place to work and an uplifting feeling to think that you are helping people out as they’re getting started and promoting their businesses, keeping them informed...It’s a good place to work and you get to meet great people,” she added.

Ankrom explained that she enjoyed working with Heiss, as well.

“Candi and I worked side-by-side from the day that I began working here at the Chamber...She has been a very valuable employee to the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce. She has definitely been the face of the Chamber for all of those years,”Ankrom said. “She has kept our books incredibly spotless...and she’s definitely a membership guru when it comes to all things workers’ comp. and Marietta Bucks, and anything extra that we would hand her...She’s going to be sorely missed,” she added.

Heiss was also involved with the Chamber’s safety council.

Heiss was presented with a gift from Baker & Baker Jewelers in March, and the Chamber hopes to hold a celebration for her when it is safe to do so. The Chamber’s board of directors is currently beginning to search for candidates to fill her position.

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