Students and teachers adjusting to virtual learning

For some students, learning from home is the "new normal"
Laptop computer keyboard, Photo Date: Undated / PXHERE / MGN
Laptop computer keyboard, Photo Date: Undated / PXHERE / MGN
Published: Aug. 27, 2020 at 12:28 AM EDT
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This week, Washington County students are making their return to school, however some students have opted to learn virtually.

School districts in the area gave students the option to learn online, if they feel safer doing so.

Marietta City Schools had roughly 25 percent of their students opt to participate in school virtually.

Warren High School has just over 100 of their nearly 700 students learning remotely from their homes.

Both schools gained some experience with online instruction when the pandemic affected schools in the spring.

“They picked up on it really quickly, and one of the things I’ll say is if you go back even before the spring, we were already a Google school, so we used Google Classroom a lot already, so when spring hit, they sort of got a crash course in it if they weren’t using it already,” Warren High School Principal Ryan Lemley says.

School administrators have been pleased with the effort of teachers, students and parents thus far.

“I am confident in the skill sets of our teachers and the patience that the parents have had with us during this entire transition, so I am pleased with that... I do think it’s going to work. I think that the first two weeks of school are always a different pace, we’re always learning different things, once we have that ironed out, this is gonna be smooth sailing, I’m completely confident, because I know that the people that are working for us are really working hard to make it possible for our families,” Marietta Director of Curriculum Jona Hall says.

Marietta began classes Monday, and Warren will begin classes Thursday morning.

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