Betsey Mills Club has served Marietta community for nearly 100 years

Published: Sep. 18, 2020 at 6:30 PM EDT
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The Betsey Mills Club was founded in the early 1900s when Betsey Mills wanted to start an organization to provide for women in the Marietta area.

Now, nearly 100 years later, the current staff at the Betsey Mills Club is using those same principles to continue to serve the community, but in many different ways, with many different services.

“The mission of the Betsey remains the same as a hundred years ago," said Kerry Jean Waddle, Executive Director of the Betsey Mills Club. "It’s trying to meet the needs of the community, and we do that in a lot of different ways.”

They offer an indoor pool, the only one in the Marietta area, and they are a major child care provider for parents.

They work to provide a safe and secure learning environment for children, and parents continue to send their kids there.

“We’ve got a couple parents actually give us really good feedback," said Tiffany Ferguson, Child Care Director for the Betsey Mills Club. "They really love the programs that we offer. we can offer a little more with the location that we have.”

To this day, the Betsey Mills Club continues to provide for women in the area, such as housing and dorms for single women. They continue to dedicate their services to Betsey Mills, as she is from Marietta, which makes them proud to serve this area.

“Betsey Mills embodied helping women, helping children, helping families," said Waddle. "So that is what we continue to want to do, and it’s specifically here in Marietta because this is where she lived.”

The thing they take the most pride in is how much the staff enjoys their jobs. And customers notice that if the staff enjoys working there, then the service is that much better.

“I just love working at the Betsey Mills club,” said Waddle. “When I am out in the community, the feedback is positive, it’s just so wonderful to work at a place that people love.”

They are continuing to reach out for community feedback, and will continue to add services in the future.

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