Students participate in Pop Up Farmer’s Market

Published: Sep. 21, 2020 at 6:13 PM EDT
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Students at Madison Elementary School got a chance to experience what it is like to shop at a farmer’s market.

WVU Extension Services put on the Pop Up Farmer’s Market, and gave students $4 each to “buy” some fresh fruits and vegetables, along with getting the chance to learn about the vitamins and other healthy ingredients in vegetables.

Members of the WVU Extension Services know it is a challenge to get young children to like vegetables, but they believe that getting them acclimated with fresh and local produce will make them want to try it.

“They may be getting the canned and frozen vegetables and fruits,” said Becky Marks, a health educator with WVU Extension Services. “We’d like for them to try the fresh produce, from our local farmers. Often, if they are not offered it, they’re not going to try it, but if they get the chance to buy it themselves, and get a recipe, or learn more things about it, they are more opt to try things.”

They gave students some recipes along with their produce so they could go home and make tasty meals for their families.

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