Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office investigating complicated identity theft case

Published: Sep. 22, 2020 at 4:44 PM EDT
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The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating an identity theft case that affects people in Washington County, but the suspects were discovered to live in Florida.

The investigation stems from a scam in which the suspects were able to steal the victims' phone number, and therefore steal money from a retirement fund.

These investigations are very complicated and have many factors to finding suspects.

Luckily, the department was able to track down the suspects' phone number through a wire tracker from when the suspect stole the money. Not every case, however, is this cut and dry.

Sgt. Kelly McGilton, who is working this case, says it can be challenging to keep victims patient throughout the process, as this particular case has been investigated for nine months.

“The big thing that, I have found, helps people is for the investigating officer to remain in contact with the victims,” said McGilton. “To kind of let them know, as the case is unfolding, where they’re at with it, and there have been a couple walls during this most recent investigation where we have hit, and we tell them those. be honest with them, tell them the frustrations and tell them where you’re at with it.”

According to the Washington County’s Sheriff’s Office, the victims were found to have lost tens of thousands of dollars from their retirement fund in this case.

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