Eight people arrested through seven search warrants served by Washington County authorities

Two suspects remain at large
Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 9:59 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Eight people were arrested in a series of warrants served by Washington County Sheriff’s deputies in New Matamoras early Wednesday morning.

41-year-old Jason Slonaker, of New Matamoras and 47-year-old Richard Slonaker, also of New Matamoras, were arrested for aggravated burglary, a first degree felony.

Authorities say Jason and Richard Slonaker were involved in an incident in the 800 block of Grandview Avenue reported by Mary Sidel on September 12. Sidel told authorities it was during this incident that Michael Slonaker allegedly entered the Grandview Avenue residence uninvited and assaulted Baxter Grimes. Grimes spoke with authorities and said that Michael Slonaker reportedly accused Grimes of saying he (Grimes) would kill Slonaker in his sleep. Grimes denied the accusations, but Slonaker didn’t believe him and began physically assaulting him. During this initial attack, Richard and Jason Slonaker, along with Branden Barnes, entered the home and joined the attack.

According to a news release, several threats were made to “gut” or “stab” Grimes. At one point, Grimes told deputies Michael Slonaker threatened him with a fixed blade. Slonaker reportedly put it away before attacking him.

Grimes managed to escape his attackers into another room and out of the residence. According to deputies, it was during this escape that the attackers threatened Grimes again, saying “we’re going to gut you.”

Though he made an initial escape, the four men caught up to Grimes and attacked him again on 2nd Street, kicking him until they reached a parking lot. Deputies say Grimes yelled for help during the attack.

When the assault ended, one of the men allegedly told Grimes if he called the police they would kill him. They then left the area.

Grimes was taken to a hospital to be treated for his wounds.

While Jason and Richard Slonaker are behind bars, Michael Slonaker and Branden Barnes are still at large. Authorities say if you see them to call your local law enforcement agency or the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. Michael Slonaker is also wanted for an alleged domestic assault. Authorities say he punched a woman in the face who would not rent a car for him. He then shoved her multiple times. A witness to this incident told deputies Slonaker had tried to punch him (the witness), but had missed.

Two suspects still at large
Two suspects still at large(none)

The September 12 report would not be the last time deputies ran into Sidel and Grimes. The two were arrested in Wednesday morning’s round up for their alleged involvement in the theft of jewelry and gold coins from another Washington County resident.

Authorities met with the theft victim on September 22. The victim told authorities that Grimes and Sidel had previously worked at their residence and the two became suspects. At some point, deputies learned that Sidel had sold gold coins to an area pawn shop while Grimes was with her.

Wednesday morning, 54-year-old Mary Sidel was arrested for receiving stolen property, a fifth degree felony. 43-year-old Baxter Grimes was arrested for burglary, a second degree felony, and theft, a fourth degree felony.

The other four arrests made Wednesday morning involve drug charges.

Samuel Len Aday, age 59, Audrey Ann Eckstein, age 60, and Joy Jo Headley, age 42 were arrested on possession of methamphetamine, a fifth degree felony.

Deputies engaged Aday, Eckstein and Headley at the same location in the 400 block of Front Street in New Matamoras, where they discovered drug paraphernalia including: smoking pipes, scales, a plate with methamphetamine powder and a straw. A test revealed that the powder on the plate was indeed meth.

Deputies say all drugs and drug paraphernalia were accessible to each individual, but no one would claim the items. Because of this, all three were arrested and charged.

The eighth person arrested during Wednesday’s search warrants was Kristy Gayle Templeton, age 42. She’s charged with possessing drug abuse instruments, a second degree misdemeanor.

According to a news release, the following people arrested in New Matamoras Wednesday morning have appeared in Marieta Municipal Court and remain in jail: Both captured Slonaker men are being held on $50,000 bonds; Aday, Grimes, and Sidel are being held without bond; Headley and Templeton are being held on $750 bonds.

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