UPDATE: Man arrested for drug trafficking has lengthy rap sheet, authorities say

Published: Oct. 2, 2020 at 11:07 AM EDT
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NEW MATAMORAS, Ohio (WTAP) - UPDATE: 10/2/2020 6:30 P.M.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says four men were arrested Thursday night at the residence of William McFall in New Matamoras. The four men, including McFall, were arrested on drug trafficking charges as authorities recovered over 100 grams of meth from the residence.

McFall, a convicted felon, is also charged with having weapons under disability, as a .22 caliber revolver was found among other contraband at his residence.

Gavin Earley, Zackariah Earley and Carlton Bennett were huddled around McFall’s kitchen table when the latest warrant was served. Police say that there were two bags of meth weighing around 48 grams combined under the table. Also located were several pills, marijuana, and the aforementioned .22 revolver.

Mincks says his department has been receiving complaints from New Matamoras residents about the alleged drug activity coming from McFall’s home.

Sheriff Mincks says Thursday night’s search warrant is the second warrant executed at McFall’s residence in just three years. In that time, Mincks estimates Washington County authorities have visited the residence dozens of times to serve various subpoenas, checking on domestic violence complaints and more. Over time, he says they’ve recovered almost half a pound of methamphetamine and more than 50 firearms from McFall’s residence.

“He sells meth and a lot of it is in exchange for firearms,” said Mincks. “And we have seized over 50 out of that residence.”

Mincks says he thinks the other three men arrested Thursday night were purchasing drugs from McFall when the warrant was served. One of the men, Gavin Earley, had more than a gram of meth on his person when he was arrested.

More information on this bust can be found below.


Washington County authorities arrested four men in New Matamoras on felony drug trafficking charges on Thursday.

Members of the Washington County Monroe Morgan Noble Major Crimes Task Force executing a search warrant in the 1200 block of Williamson Avenue found William McFall, Carlton Bennett, Gavin Earley, and Zackariah Earley around a kitchen table. Underneath the table were two bags of methamphetamine weighing more than 48 grams combined. Gavin Earley also had a little more than a gram on his person.

Around the men were other drugs and paraphernalia, including marijuana, pills, a scale and a .22 revolver.

McFall has a previous felony drug charge from 1999, making him ineligible to own a firearm. He is charged with second degree felony trafficking in drugs, and third degree felony having weapons under disability.

Authorities also found more than 57 grams of meth in a gun safe in the residence, making the amount of meth in the home well-above 100 grams.

Bennett, and the Earleys are charged with second degree felony trafficking in drugs.

All four remain in the Washington County jail pending their appearances in Marietta Municipal Court on October 2.

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