Child care centers offering assistance for students in virtual learning

Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 5:38 PM EST
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Wood County has remained orange on the county map, so in-person classes have been suspended for the duration of the week.

The Vienna Learning Center and the YMCA of Parkersburg have been offering services to assist students in keeping up with their schoolwork.

Concern arose about students having to quickly adjust to virtual learning, but the owner of the Vienna Learning Center, Darlene Parsons, says that students have reacted positively to the change.

“They are loving logging on," Parsons said. "Because, when they’re going every other day, they only get to see half of their friends, but when they’re logging on for remote learning they get to see their whole class and their teachers. On Monday, there were a lot of smiles, and they’re going, 'Oh, there’s so and so, and there’s so and so.”

For these child care centers it is not just about getting homework done on time, it is continuing to stay engaged at home and in the classroom, at the same time.

“(It is) giving us an opportunity to strengthen families,” said Jeff Olson, C.E.O. of the YMCA of Parkersburg. "So that the students are not falling behind in school, and the families are still able to give that academic support when they get home.

Wood County’s numbers are trending that it could remain orange on the school map when it is released on Saturday, so students might have to get used to virtual learning.

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