Fort Frye community shows support before Saturday’s game

Published: Nov. 13, 2020 at 10:10 PM EST
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BEVERLY, Ohio (WTAP) - The Fort Frye football team is heading to its second ever appearance in the state semifinals. Something that isn’t easy come by, especially for a small school like theirs.

“It’s pretty huge. I mean, it’s not something that’s easy," says Fort Frye High School’s student section leader, Derek West. "It comes with a lot of fight and practice and it’s usually not something that happens to a lot of schools.”

The last time they were in this position they lost to Kirkland High School in a 35-18 season ender. However, they’re looking to redeem themselves this time around.

“It was a hard game but I think we should have won personally," says senior captain, Brian Adkins. "So, if we win this game it would be like a comeback.”

It’s something that has much of the community in Beverly excited for their game tomorrow evening.

“Well, I think it’s almost a religion. It’s very well praised around here and just seeing how not only our school but other schools support our success and anytime any Southeastern Ohio school can make it that far is just very important," says Fort Frye faculty member, Drew Arnold. "And the home fans just feel that energy going in. And it helps going into this game and if we win going into the next.”

Even with the excitement, many fans are disappointed over not being able to attend the game in-person because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, they’re happy to see their team back in the final four; as they’ve been snake-bitten by COVID-19 earlier this year when the girls basketball team had their trip to the semifinals cancelled.

“We’re a small school so making it to the final four doesn’t always happen a lot. And when we do it’s a really big deal for us," says Fort Frye girls basketball senior, Karlee Ross. "So, having that game taken away from us was really heartbreaking. We had put so much hard work into it and just having it taken away really hurt.”

But Ross says that the girls basketball Cadets are “just so beyond happy for the boys that they have this opportunity." And they are hoping that the football team can make some history for Fort Frye.

If you would like to stream the game, you can click on this link to watch the Fort Frye Cadets face off against the New Middletown Springfield Tigers.

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