MOV’s Got Talent: Destiny Woodward

Published: Dec. 17, 2020 at 7:28 PM EST
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Destiny Woodward has a knack for visual art, but it’s art that is made for people’s bodies.

Destiny got into making creations with make-up at a young age, and knew that she had a distinct passion for it that she has wanted to continue since then.

“I really like it,” said Destiny. “Because it shows, like you can make it gross, or you can make it special and like cool, so it’s just a really cool way to express yourself.”

She is really into the special effects and gorey make-up for Halloween costumes.

When she finishes her creations she posts her creations online for as much exposure as possible. She loves the surprise that people feel when they realized that the art was done by a middle schooler.

“It’s kind of a shock when they find out, that like a little fourteen year-old did it for them,” said Destiny. “So, I really like that shock factor. It’s kind of cool to watch people be in shock by something you did, because it’s like out of the box and nobody would do it.”

Destiny says the people that may feel the passion for make-up and visual art should continue on their path, and not let people stand in their way.

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