This is Home: Teen cancer survivor delivers Christmas gifts to Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Published: Dec. 25, 2020 at 9:36 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ohio (WTAP) -After weeks of collecting, Alexander High Schooler Bryana Wallace delivered a big pile of toys to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in early December.

Wallace was treated at NCH during a brief battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2019. On top of the nurses who Wallace says comforted her and taught her about her disease, Wallace’s school community rallied behind her.

The school’s soccer team even played their season in honor of Wallace and even hosted a fundraiser for her family that garnered over $4,500.

After seeing what her community did for her, Wallace started thinking about others. She was declared cancer free in November of 2019, but quickly started thinking about the kids who were still in the hospital.

“For me personally, it was not fun to be in the hospital. So I wanted to give back and make sure the children had a good Christmas,” said Wallace.

So, with the help of her friend Jen Schwirian, Wallace decided to fill lunch boxes with toys and activities for children at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

By the end of her campaign, Wallace was able to fill 32 lunchboxes to be passed around to hospitalized kids. She also took several other boxes of toys and gifts.

“We ended up spending around $1,500 at Walmart,” said Wallace. “I was able to fill 32 lunch boxes as well as three more boxes of just coloring books to give to them. When I was in the hospital, that was definitely something I wanted to do and looked forward to doing, because it filled time and stuff when I was getting treatments and stuff like that.”

Wallace said she couldn’t have done it without community support.

She hopes to continue the toy drive in the years to come.

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