Academic Achiever of the Week: Anna Jones

Anna Jones says her favorite part about Future Farmers of America is helping the community.
Anna Jones says her favorite part about Future Farmers of America is helping the community.(file (Custom credit) | Laura Bowen)
Published: Dec. 30, 2020 at 12:18 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - You can catch this Academic Achiever succeeding on and off the field but, this time, we’re not talking about a football player.

Anna Jones is a farmer through and through.

She said, “Farming isn’t just a job. It’s your life. And it’s a part of my personality.”

Anna’s been working the fields since childhood at her family’s Lazy J Farm. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s a lot of work. Her main focus is mechanics. To Anna, all the equipment is nothing new.

“You know, I can remember when I was five or six and I was still trying to reach the socket on the top shelf,” she said.

Working the farm has shaped Anna not just through the lifestyle but through what she has overcome. Back in 2015, her family’s shop burned to the ground.

She said all that was left were ashes.

“That place was my second home and in the summer it was kind of my first home, you know...because I spent more time there than I did at home in the summer....and to just see your home be gone….it just makes you stop and think. It made me stop and think like...I don’t know. I was dumbfounded. I just couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak.”

But Anna and her family kept going. The crops needed to be harvested and animals needed to be fed. She said this sense of responsibility has helped her in school and other hobbies.

Anna is not only a 3.99 GPA student, she plays softball and is a leader in the FFA, the Future Farmers of America. As a sophomore, she was part of a team that won first in states in a farming debate competition.

She reminisced, “The finals is - there’s five teams competing and they start by announcing fifth and we didn’t hear it so we’re like okay you know fourth fourth is awesome. We’re just excited to be here and we didn’t get fourth so we were like oh awesome third we got third and then it’s like oh my gosh we got second and we were like - we just couldn’t believe it. We were like wait, we got first? Like this is insane.”

Because of the rules, since Anna already won, she can’t compete anymore so she became a coach.

However, for Anna, it’s not all about winning. Her favorite part about FFA is the community service.

She said, “Waterford FFA, we hold a hog roast in February and it’s really great because it’s a free meal to our community and our community is always supporting us and purchasing the fruit when we hold the fundraisers and my community has provided me with opportunities I never thought I would have otherwise.”

Anna said she uses the term “community service” loosely. She just like helping people. Like on the farm, when a neighboring farm’s planter breaks down, you take your planter over.

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