UPDATE: South Parkersburg has about 1,478 students enrolled, not 1,600

Published: Jan. 3, 2021 at 11:47 PM EST
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UPDATE: 1/4 11:15 a.m.

The Wood County Schools Spokesperson has since clarified that around 1,478 students are enrolled at Parkersburg South High School, not 1,600. He also wants to make it clear that this story is reflective of a local teacher’s opinion, not the official stance of Wood County Schools or Parkersburg South High School.


West Virginia high schools may be back to in-person learning in just two weeks.

This past Wednesday, Governor Jim Justice announced a plan for all high schools that aren’t in red counties to return to five day a week in-person learning beginning on January 19th. He sighted worries about kids’ virtual learning grades and child abuse going unreported due to kids being at home.

Still, not all teachers feel fully prepared to go back. Parkersburg South Teacher Jaime Moss said she is worried about the safety of staff and students upon return. She said, out of her nine class periods she teaches, only one is small enough to possibly be able to stay within six feet Covid protocol.

However, it’s lunch that’s her biggest concern.

Moss said, “We have 1,600 students here at Parkersburg South. We have a plan to divvy it out and we’re moving from two lunch periods to four lunch periods. However, that still puts 400 students in a lunch room. And without masks, trying to eat.”

Moss said going back to in-person learning would mark the first time that all Parkersburg South students and teachers would be in the building since Covid picked up, due to previous in-person approaches being staggered schedules.

Teachers are planning double so that they’ll be prepared for the possibility of both virtual and in-person learning, according to Moss.

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