City of Marietta drills for answers beneath River Trail

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 10:55 PM EST
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MARIETTA, Ohio. (WTAP) - Part of Marietta’s River Trail near Walmart collapsed in June, not too long after opening. It’s been closed ever since but it looks like the city’s making some headway.

You might be wondering why Councilman Mike Scales calls the River Trail ‘The Money Pit.’ Well, just on Monday, the city locked in $100,000 that will pay for part of Tuesday’s drilling. This is on top of $349,000 put into repairs beforehand.

Workers are drilling for soil samples to find out what caused the collapse.

Councilman Mike Scales said this trail may look destroyed now but it started from as a little crack. Now, you can see the earth dip steeply, pieces of road strewn to the side.

Scales is ready for the project’s completion.

“Listen, I want this done as soon as possible. This is a gem in this town and to have it blocked off like this is terrible and it should have never happened and the City of Marietta is sitting here, paying for this, and we want to try to get every penny back from whoever or however this situation came about.”

Scales said the city has hired an attorney and forensic engineers to find out who is responsible for the collapse before the statute of limitations runs out in late June. No lawsuit has been filed yet as data is still being collected.

Even though the project has made some ground as of recent, that doesn’t mean you’ll see the trail opening up anytime soon. In fact, Councilman Scales said you probably won’t see it open in 2021.

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