Academic Achiever of the Week: Mohamed Ismail

Muhamed says his strong support system is not only a source of motivation, but inspiration.
Muhamed says his strong support system is not only a source of motivation, but inspiration.(file | Laura Bowen)
Published: Jan. 19, 2021 at 11:58 PM EST
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Our Academic Achiever of the Week does just about everything, from tennis to computer science to journalism. All that while maintaining an A+ GPA.

Mohamed Ismail is a senior at Marietta High School, and has a lot to jot down on his resume. He’s on honor roll, takes college credit classes, is class president, and is the editor and chief of the school newspaper. Well that and then some.

Still, he says joining the tennis teams was one of his best decisions.

“My friend Piper Halliday, she convinced me to play tennis because we would’ve been the only freshmen on the team and she really wanted a friend on the team with her so she convinced me to play tennis with her and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my high school career.”

In addition to tennis, Mohamed has a mind for technology. He plans on pursuing computer science as his college major.

“It’s really interesting. Like sometimes you get stuck on a problem but once you figure it out it makes it even - it makes it even better.”

You may be wondering how Mohamed has enough fuel in his tank to do all that he does. Well, he says his support system, from family to friends, is a big source of motivation for him.

“They all do great things so, when I see them do great things, it inspires me to try and be like that. Like try and replicate what they’re doing.”

He says his sister even made sure to check on him to make sure he stayed on track when she left for college. He says his mother has been big in his life as well.

“My mom’s just a strong person in general so naturally she’s a strong influence on me. She’s always, you know, she’s always pushing to get the best out of me and, you know, I think that’s really important. "

She was a part of the inspiration behind his favorite article he wrote for the school paper. Both of his parents are from Sudan, where a dictator once ruled.

“So he was in rule of Sudan my whole life and much of my parents’ lives. So like seeing the pride that my mom had once the revolution began and it was finally overthrown. It just - I felt residual pride kind of and I was compelled to write an article about it.”

Congratulations to our Academic Achiever of the Week.

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