MOV’s Got Talent: Anna Crum

WTAP News @ 5 - MOV's Got Talent: Anna Crum
Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 3:40 PM EST
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Anna Crum is a senior at Warren High School, and she participates in many of the school’s fine arts programs.

She is a member of the advanced choir, and she also plays in the school’s hand-bell ensemble. Her deepest passion, however, lies in her flute playing.

Flute is Anna’s favorite instrument, and she has spent a lot of time outside of school on getting better at her playing.

“I began taking private lessons,” Anna said. “I have been practicing harder music, flute solo music, other than just ensemble music. And I’m really enjoying that, I love that, it’s my favorite thing to do.”

Anna knows she wants to enter a career in music, but she wants to teach it as well.

She says she was inspired in Kindergarten by her music teacher, and that’s when she knew that this was her passion.

“I came home, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! This lady, she just gets to play music every day,’” said Crum. “I was just so fascinated by the fact that she got to make music every day. And I just, from that point on, I knew I was going to make music for the rest of my life.”

Anna enjoys playing in front of her peers, and she has let them know that she intends to become a music teacher. She has received a lot of support, which makes her feel motivated to keep pursuing her dream.

“It gives you a sense of, ‘Yes, this is my purpose.’” Anna said. “I feel like people know what they’re supposed to do with their lives, and when people kind of validate it, it makes me feel special, because I love doing it, and I’m glad other people take notice in the fact that I love doing it.”

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