Greenleaf Landscaping gets business boost amid winter weather

Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 4:29 PM EST
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - While the spring and summer months are among the most popular time for Greenleaf Landscaping, the business has been keeping busy during this winter season thanks to all the snow.

Since the winter storms began, the company has responded to about 60 plowing jobs at commercial properties throughout Marietta, Parkersburg, Vienna, and Belpre. This includes businesses such as hospitals, shopping and nursing centers, privately owned businesses, and government agencies.

Manager Jim Gottfried says the snow removal business has kept the employees engaged and employed while also allowing more money to come through since they can’t get out and do landscaping work.

“Last year this time we did very little snow removal. This year has been a big boom as far as to our company that we have a lot more of it to do this year so financially it’s great. I know people don’t like to deal with snow, but it’s good for our guys to keep them busy in the winter months,” Gottfried said.

While the business is fully stocked on the trucks and personnel needed to plow, the biggest challenge has been getting parking lots cleaned off and ready for businesses to open, allowing people to get to work.

Gottfried said it all depends on when the snow starts to fall in the area. If the snow comes through in the middle of the night, crews are out on the road and done by 3 a.m. If the snow comes right when people are coming to work or throughout the day, then it can become more difficult.

“A challenge during the morning especially, or if it’s snowing during the day, is people are coming in and out of parking lots while trying to clear snow and they really don’t understand the process of clearing snow so they get right behind our trucks or they will pull into a parking space that has not been plowed yet,” Gottfried said.

Gottfried said if people were to park in a clear area, it would leave his crews to do their job well without any other obstacles in the way

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