Local high schooler packs his bags for the military

Published: Feb. 20, 2021 at 9:53 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - While some high schoolers have yet to take their finals, Cole Myers is already zipping his suitcase.

Balloons, banners, and family lined the room in a bittersweet farewell to Cole Myers Saturday afternoon. He’s already sworn in to the military.

Myers said, “..., I’ve always wanted to be something bigger than myself and protect the people I love and take care of them.”

For his family, this path didn’t come as a surprise. In fact, as a kid, he was already preparing his mother for his departure.

Mandy Queen remembered, “He would take my cell phone and record videos and apologize that he’s sorry that he knows I’ll be hurt that he’ll be gone but he wants to, you know, fight for the country and he just - has this passion.”

The videos were meant for his mom to hold onto while he’s gone.

Still, even before he was born, Queen knew he would join the military.

“Cole is a day shy of being born on 9/11, the year anniversary so 9-10-02 is his date of birth so, even in my womb, I knew he would be someone who went to war and fought for the country.”

While Myers may be well-grounded, his eyes are looking to the sky.

He said, “I was on Instagram one day and I was just scrolling through and I saw the pararescue and I just saw how tough and mean-looking they were and I always wanted to skydive so I figured going in the Air Force would allow me to fly and get in the sky.”

More specifically, Myers will be in the Security Forces.

Queen said Myers has always been a caring son and older brother. It seems this choice of career is an extension of that.

“Acts of service is really like his love language...,” she said.

While some kids may dream it, it looks like this high schooler truly will learn how to fly.

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