Another “love bomb” drops on an area foster mom

Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 2:43 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Another “love bomb” dropped on an area foster mom Wednesday.

This time, the “Love Bomb a Foster Mom” project honored Katrina Troutman, a nurse at Worthington Healthcare Center. She was given a bag of gifts and a handful of balloons as a part of the “love bombing.”

Troutman declined an interview with us, but Kelly Polinsky, the woman behind the love bomb project, said Troutman goes above and beyond in taking care of her foster children and in her every day life as a nurse.

“In this time of a pandemic, taking on children while working in a nursing center, healthcare community, can be quite challenging. And from what I understand, she has gone above and beyond and has risen to the occasion,” said Polinsky.

“She is a very kind and caring and respectful person,” said Lanette Kuhnash, Director of Nursing at Worthington Healthcare Center. “She has a kind spirit, she’s very well loved here.”

Foster moms are nominated for a love bombing by Wood County Child Protective Services. They cannot give specific information on why each foster mom is chosen, but if you ask Polinsky, most foster parents deserve some extra recognition.

“The foster parents and the kinship caregivers are truly unsung heroes. You don’t see what’s going on because of the sensitive nature of foster care, kinship care, maybe the reason these children came into care, you’re not going to see that out there on the news,” said Polinsky. “These folks are doing all kinds phenomenal things with these children behind the scenes. They are unsung heroes. I think giving them just this little bit of recognition is phenomenal and hopefully it makes them feel appreciated.”

If you want to help Polinsky and her project partner, Victoria West, honor foster moms, Polinsky said to reach out to West at the Gift Gallery of Vienna with donation ideas. They could include goods or services. Polinsky said they will be honoring another foster mom sometime in mid-March.

Polisnky said if anyone is looking for deeper involvement, there is a need for more foster parents in the area.

“We are in desperate need for foster parents in the Mid-Ohio Valley. So if you have ever thought about being a foster parent, now is the time,” said Polinsky.

If that’s too much, she recommends volunteering at places like Kelly’s Closet MOV or becoming a court appointed advocate for children.

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