Youth of the Year wants to change the world

Published: Mar. 6, 2021 at 11:06 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - For Yuan Uy, being titled Youth of the Year for the Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg is just the beginning.

He wants to change the world.

Yuan’s been a part of the Boys and Girls Club since he was 12. His family thought it would ease the transition when he moved to the US from the Philippines.

Since then, he’s helped plan many community service projects, mentored younger members, and even talked to congress about the club. Right now, he’s busy educating his peers as a leader of the international humanitarian law project.

The club’s CEO Lynn Rein said, “He is a strong advocate for humanitarian law and what it looks like for education during war time and again, to be a junior in high school and to have such profound views and ideas of what the world outside of our bubble really looks like - and you know a lot of people, even middle aged people don’t understand that...,”

Yuan’s focus on education was inspired by his childhood in the Philippines. Although he went to a private school, not everyone was so lucky.

He remembered, “Seeing these kids not have an education, their life would just go to trash. They couldn’t make a living because they never had an education. They couldn’t read. They couldn’t write. It’s very difficult for them, without the education, to get the life that they needed,”

Yuan is passionate about teaching his peers. He’s even Zoomed with boy scouts to educate them on humanitarian law.

“We need to let people know what’s going on throughout the world and we need to focus on education.”

Rein said she is proud to have the creme of the crop at her Boys and Girls Club.

“The entire generation is changing the world with social media and I mean it’s just been incredible and to have a prime example of the best of Gen Z represent our club is something that I am very proud of”

Yuan plans to continue a life of service by pursuing a career in urban development.

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