Ohio lawmaker says people need role in orders

Published: Mar. 18, 2021 at 4:50 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTAP) - With the governor threatening a veto, Ohio lawmakers continue to pass and introduce bills intended to give the legislature-and, says one lawmaker, the public-more of a say in health-related orders.

The latest is a bill proposed this week by Rep, Jena Powell of southwest Ohio, prohibiting the governor or his department heads from issuing orders mandating face coverings without legislative approval.

Southeastern Ohio representative Jay Powell, meanwhile, is a co-sponsor of House Bill 90, that passed the general assembly last week, allowing legislators to rescind orders or rules.

He says its intent is to give the public a voice in executive orders.

”It requires the executive branch to come in and work with the legislature for these orders, as we are closer to the people,” says Edwards, a Nelsonville Republican whose district includes much of Washington County, including Belpre and part of Marietta. “The governor is representing 11 and a half million people, while I’m 120,000 of some of the same people. I talk to people in my district way more than the governor does.”

Gov. Mike DeWine has said he will veto that bill.

Edwards says orders DeWine issued at the start of the pandemic last year kept large retail chains open while closing smaller stores. The state’s order shuttered “non-essential” businesses such as restaurants and some stores.

Edwards also noted the governor called a halt to turkey hunting season. The representative said there was little chance COVID-19 would spread in an open hunting environment.

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