Kiki Angelos: the backstory of a community leader

Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 8:38 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - You may know her as the mind behind the annual Easter parade but Kiki Angelos wears many hats.

If you were at the Easter parade this past weekend, you may have caught Kiki Angelos on a float. While you may have missed her at the parade, if you’ve lived here for a bit, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of Kiki helping out in some fashion. Whether its for a local high school’s Easter celebration, or with the Wood County Symphony, or the Festival of Trees, for Kiki, helping is a year round job.

She said, “I work all year round. I go...right now, I know already what I’m going to decorate next year. Everywhere we travel, I get things for the Christmas trees.”

While all this takes a lot of work, it isn’t a chore to Kiki.

She said, “I do it because I love it. It comes out of my heart to thank and give to the community because, when I came, they opened their arms to welcome me.”

Kiki immigrated to the US with her husband when she was 17. She fell in love with Parkersburg the day she arrived because of the community’s kindness. She described it as a moving experience.

“..., and they were so friendly and to me that meant the world to me because I left my family in Greece,” she said.

Parkersburg’s warm embrace is a big reason Kiki gives back as much as she does.

She said, “The whole community...they opened their arms for me. They offered me this beautiful town to be my town.”

In fact, if you ask Kiki, she’d say this is home.

“We go every summer to Greece because we have family and you know a house there too but I can’t wait to come to Parkersburg so I tell them - I said I come to visit in Greece but home is Parkersburg to me and always will be.”

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