Unity Apartments provided residents with COVID-19 vaccines

Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 8:45 PM EDT
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On Friday, residents of the Unity Apartments in South Parkersburg received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to manager Rick McNemar, their corporate office HRDE was working with the Governor’s office and the state health department, before being contacted by the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department to offer this service to the residence.

Service Coordinator Natasha Spriggs said the planning took about 6 weeks. She was in charge of gathering information and pre-registering all the residents who wanted the vaccine onto the state’s COVID-vaccine website. She said she registered about 50-60 people into the system

The health department was there from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. giving out the vaccine throughout the three buildings of the complex.

“I think they are excited, and first off, so many of them are unable to get out to the different locations,” McNemar said. “A lot of them don’t drive or have family that can take them, so bringing it here is just a lifesaver for so many of the residents.”

Spriggs said some residents turned down their first offer for the vaccine because it was in the community. Residents couldn’t get out and they were hoping that there would be something available onsite where they can receive their vaccine.

According to Spriggs and McNemar, there weren’t really any challenges during the day, and that everything went smoothly.

“The residents who wanted the vaccine were very receptive and very thankful that we’re having it here, so there was hardly any push back,” Spriggs said. “I would just say the hardest part was the people who were apprehensive about getting the shot and when I did tell them that we were having one on-site, they were a lot more willing to get the shot because they were at home. They didn’t have to go out in the community for it so that kind of eased their minds a little bit.”

About 40 residents received their first dose. The health department will return in a month to give residents their second dose. Spriggs and McNemar couldn’t be more appreciative of the health department coming out and doing this for their residents.

“I think knowing that we were able to provide a service for them like this, and knowing that because of the vaccine, they are going to be protected and hopefully avoid going through what so many people in West Virginia and the United States and the world have gone through,” McNemar said.

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