Gov. DeWine visits SEO vaccine clinics

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 5:48 PM EDT
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MORGAN COUNTY, Ohio (WTAP) - Like others across Ohio and the nation, Morgan County’s health department has been busy giving vaccinations to older residents.

“The governor just reminded me, I guess we’re up to 25% coverage for our residents. which he feels is pretty good for our county,” Administrator Jeff Michaels said Monday. “We are scheduling every day of the week, except for Saturdays and Sundays, and there are couple of regional sites coming to our county.”

But Gov. Mike DeWine visited the department’s vaccination clinic on a day when so many others are now eligible to be vaccinated. Monday was the first day vaccines were available to Ohioans 16 and older. Previously, the youngest eligible were in their 50′s.

It comes at a time when health experts in both Ohio and West Virginia are concerned more and more younger people are getting-and spreading-the virus.

But in talking to people-mostly older-lined up to get the shot, the governor saw hope in their eyes.

“They can go see their grandkids; they can hug their grandkids” DeWine said, “They can go do things they’ve wanted to do.”

There may be concern the stepped-up rollout of the vaccines has been taken by some as a sign things are returning to pre-pandemic circumstances, while, in fact, after two months of a downturn in cases, most of the nation has seen a leveling off and even an increase.

The governor reminds everyone, from Ohio or otherwise, that, until they get vaccinated the best offense is a good defense.

“Until we get to the point where we’ve knocked this virus down, we have to stay on defense with the mask, and the offense is the shots.”

The governor was joined by his wife, First Lady Fran DeWine, for the visits to vaccination clinics in Morgan and Monroe counties.

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