Wood County Schools announces 2021 Art Expressions Exhibit winners

School employees are worried about vaccine availability
School employees are worried about vaccine availability(WTAP)
Published: Apr. 9, 2021 at 4:00 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Wood County Schools has announced the winners of the 2021 Art Expressions Exhibit.

The annual art show is being held at the Parkersburg Art Center now through April 19 and features work in a variety of mediums by Wood County Schools middle and high school students.

The winners were announced Friday, April 9, during a live broadcast at the Parkersburg Art Center.

Photos of the winning pieces can be found in the gallery below, with the artists’ names included on cards next to the artwork. And a video of the announcement can be found on the Wood County Schools Facebook page.

This year’s winners, by grade level, are:

Middle School

6th Grade

1st Place: Amelia Doucette, Williamstown

2nd Place: Caiden Polinsky, Edison

3rd Place: Brenda Orduna, Hamilton

7th Grade

1st Place: Samantha Bailey, Jackson

2nd Place: Daniell Winans, Hamilton

3rd Place: Jaylynn Stier, Blennerhassett

8th Grade

1st Place: Eva Chen-, Jackson

2nd Place: Kira Mace, Blennehassett

3rd Place: Jade Ellison, Jackson

3-D Category Middle School

1st Place: Joelle Hayes, Vandy

2nd Place: Olivia Eakle, Jackson

3rd Place: Annalyse Collins, Vandy

High School

9th Grade

1st Place: Makiya Powell, PSHS

2nd Place: Anna Ware, PSHS

3rd Place: Ryder Adams, PSHS

10th Grade

1st Place: Jaden Mollendick, PHS

2nd Place: Talina Jones, PSHS

3rd Place: Alex Varner, PHS

11th Grade

1st Place: Isabella Marteney, PHS

2nd Place: Logan Moyers, PSHS

3rd Place: Pauline Lowry, PHS

12th Grade

1st Place: Athena Root, PSHS

2nd Place: Aubry Byrd, WHS

3rd Place: Kenzie Pickens, PHS

3-D Category High School

1st Place: Rachel Murphy, PHS

2nd Place: Sarah Moise, PHS

3rd Place: Blake Brannan, PSHS

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