MOV’s Got Talent: Skylar Disbrow

WTAP Daybreak
Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 3:08 PM EDT
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Skylar Disbrow is a freshman at Marietta High School and has been singing practically her whole life. She joined the Marietta Children’s Choir in third grade.

Disbrow said singing has helped her express herself.

“I guess it just really helps with, you know, my emotions,” Disbrow said.

Disbrow said her main supporters include her family and her boyfriend; but, her biggest supporter was her grandmother who passed away in July of 2020. Disbrow’s grandmother loved when she sang to her and a video of Skylar singing the song “Hallelujah” was played at her grandmother’s funeral.

Scott Rieder, the Director of Choirs of Marietta High School, is Disbrow’s choir teacher and they have been working together since Skylar first joined in third grade. Along with Disbrow, other members of her class also had Rieder as their teacher, so he thinks it’s so special being able to see everyone grow up.

“It’s just been a special privilege, it’s an honor to get to be apart of their musical journey,” Rieder said “All of them. Skylar being one of them. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s why we teachers get up in the morning and do what we do because it means so much to us to see these kids develop.”

Rieder said he loves Disbrow’s dedication to music and her passion for creating her own music. He said she is not afraid to compose and perform her own music, which she shares online.

“She is certainly a student who had always stood out to me as not only just talented but someone who had an above average interest in music and was always right there if we were going to do something. I think that says a lot for her, for her commitment and her level of interest in music.”

Disbrow said originally she was not going to try out for the choir this year just because of the nerves of high school and auditioning in general. She said Rieder actually reached out to her mom to get Skylar to audition, which in turn boosted her confidence up to go and audition.

Disbrow said much of her confidence had grown while home during quarantine, as she was singing and posting her videos online. Her support system would leave tons of positive comments on her videos, which also boosted her confidence. Singing at home also allowed her to learn and get better at her craft.

Rieder said he has seen Disbrow grow a lot this year in particular. He said she has gotten better and more confident over the years in regards to music theory and sight readings.

“She is developing as a musician in addition to being a really strong vocalist,” Rieder said. “The goal of the Marietta Children’s Choir is being to develop musicians who understand their craft in addition to being just tremendous vocalists and singers.”

Even though Disbrow describes herself as someone who is shy, Rieder says Skylar’s shyness doesn’t come across as an issue when she’s singing because he sees how confident she is in her talent.

“And that’s only going to get stronger that’s what I keep telling her, she’s just a freshman this year so her future is so bright,” Rieder said.

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