Two Parkersburg school buildings sold at public auction

Published: Apr. 30, 2021 at 3:52 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Auctioneer Rocky Peck announced the immediate fate of McKinley Elementary School at a public auction Friday afternoon.

“Superintendent, I’ve got $165,000 solid...superintendent Iaccepts the bid).”

And that meant McKinley-along with the Worthington Elementary School earlier in the day-are now in the hands of private owners.

Both of the new owners represent families who have run long-time Parkersburg businesses.

Seve Astorg, who purchased McKinley, is part of the Astorg automobile dealer family.

“It’s a great piece of Parkersburg history,” Astorg said following the McKinley auction. “It’s been here for a long time. Dad was interested in it, to make sure it’s going in a good direction, so it’s, I think, what we’re going to try to do with it.”

Nick Curry’s family runs Curry Transfer and Storage. He purchased the Worthington Elementary building for $400,000. He has a personal interest in the building: he attended third grade there.

“People ask, ‘where were you on 9/11’? I was right here. That’s how long ago it was.”

While both indicated they want to keep the buildings intact, neither said they-or their companies-had any specific plans for the buildings.

But one resident we spoke to after the McKinley auction, indicated she would “handcuff myself to the building” if she found out McKinley was being torn down.

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