This Is Home: Boaz Mini Golf Course celebrates 60 years

The Boaz Mini-Golf Course has been providing good ol’ family fun for 60 years to the people of the MOV
Updated: May. 21, 2021 at 9:35 PM EDT
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Boaz, W.Va. (WTAP) -Here’s a fun fact for you...did you know the oldest mini putt putt course in West Virginia is right here in the MOV? The Boaz Mini Golf Course has been providing good ol’ family fun for 60 years to the people of the MOV.

While the original builders no longer own the course, the Morris family says they work hard to maintain the original course structures...and do mainly one other important task…

“Mowing...lots of mowing. Olivia helps her dad with the mowing and up like that. We try to keep things clean as far as the equipment, we try to keep that in good condition. When it looks nice, people come in and people are really respectful of the way it looks and so customers do help.”

It’s a family ordeal...Donna, her daughter Olivia and the husband David, all work every summer since 2018 to run the mini golf course. Both Donna and David are teachers...and owning the golf course was always a goal for them.

“My husband grew up here in Boaz and he said it was always a dream to own this golf course. He loved it, he grew up playing here and he said one day he would love to own it.”

Olivia says she admires her parents for obtaining their dream.

“I think it’s super cool that my dad was able to, well my parents were able to get this and were able to run it. I don’t think if I was by myself that I would be able to run something like this and make it run smoothly as they do.”

Donna says, Mr. gettings, the original owner was planning on building a motel but eventually changed his mind and built the mini-golf course by soliciting help from his woodshop students.

60 years later, it’s still being enjoyed by the community-especially little kids. This outdoor activity for families is a service the Morris family says they are happy to provide.

When we first bought it, I thought, Oh my I’m gouging to spend every day of my summer here at the golf course. But, that quickly changed. My attitude quickly changed because I love being down here. I love meeting people and seeing families come through that have been coming for years. We’ve met a lot of friends and it has been just so much fun and it’s fun to watch these kids come threw and I just love it.

And the kids love it too…

“We Love putt putt!”

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