Sons of the American Revolution hold memorial service for patriots

WTAP News @ 11 - Sons of the American Revolution hold memorial service for patriots
Updated: May. 28, 2021 at 8:33 AM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - The Sons of the American Revolution came together to begin their Memorial Day weekend kickoff.

And with that, they are honoring those that fought for this country in the revolutionary war at Mound Cemetery.

A place that holds a great amount of significance to not only Marietta, but the country as well.

“Marietta is the first foot step outside of the original 13 states. So, this is where the expansion of the United States began. And it was because of these patriots that after the war, migrated to this area and founded our government. And settled, lived and died here. So, this cemetery actually has more Revolutionary War soldiers buried here than any other collection in the country,” says the group’s president, Anthony Durm.

Many a part of the Ohio chapter came together in their color guard to pay respects to these 48 veterans.

The chapter honored them with wreaths, setting up flags of the national colors and Ohio and West Virginia flags, and firing their rifles.

The SAR’s pastor chaplain, Robert Grumbling says, “Once again, we are, primarily, honoring our ancestors. Our patriot ancestors. Who sacrificed so much during the colonial period, the French and Indian, the Revolutionary War. And they sacrificed so much in so many ways to give us their land of freedom.”

Another important piece a part of the ceremony was discussing the Northwest Ordinance.

A document that the group’s historian, Scott Britton says is one of the most important forgotten works in the nation’s history.

As well as being a template for the bill of rights. Except for three key pieces that separated the northwest territory.

“And those are an issue about slavery being forbidden here in the territories; about the proper treatment and fair treatment of the Native populations that were here; as well as education. They thought it was a vital aspect that needed to be funded correctly to educate their population,” says Britton.

Overall, this memorial is about one important aspect, and that’s honoring the heroes buried at Mound Cemetery.

“The whole history of the American Revolution is represented here in this cemetery. From the early days even before the first shots fired at Lexington, they were involved in activities with the sons of liberty and all sorts of other activities to form our nation and start looking at those processes that the king was imposing upon them. And deliver what they wanted for their descendants,” says Britton.

After the service, spectators were given a tour of the cemetery grounds and a free lunch at the Marietta VFW.

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