Incoming first graders learn about bike safety as a part of “Safetytown”

Updated: Jun. 4, 2021 at 9:44 PM EDT
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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - Incoming first graders at Belpre Elementary School got a chance to learn about traffic and safety protocols when on the road.

Mainly, when on a bike.

“Most of these kids ride bikes, have bikes. If they don’t have a bike, they’ll be riding real soon. So, it’s very important because they need to know where they need to ride and all of the different safety things in order to make sure they don’t get hurt,” says Belpre City Schools board of education chairperson, Mike Miller.

They learn everything from how to read traffic signs to what to make sure of before getting on a bike to be safe.

“To always wear your helmet, to keep both hands on there, no listening to music,” says incoming first-grader, Veronica Petty.

And they teach them with nursery rhymes, arts and crafts and even have a driving simulation with small toy cars.

All of it to keep the kids engaged as they learn.

“We’re trying to deal with the whole child,” says Miller. “Just not focus on the safety but do things that will broaden their horizons and help their learning. So, it’s a whole comprehensive thing. Not just safety. A lot of stuff with music, singing. So, it’s all a part of the educational process.”

And teachers a part of this program say that this helps prepare these kids for when they return to class in the fall.

“So, it’s going to help them get ready for school,” says Miller. “And not just deal with the safety issues, but it helps them get ready for what they’re going to do, be expected to do when they come to school in the fall.”

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