Pool specialists talk importance of pool safety and maintenance

Updated: Jun. 7, 2021 at 4:38 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Something many people did during the pandemic was get a pool to beat the heat and enjoy the water while some community pools were closed.

With this in mind, McAlarney Pools and Spa is seeing an increase in activity once again early before the start of summer.

And with this happening, they are keeping those interested informed on safety and maintenance of the pool.

Pool specialists say to always make sure that children and pets are accounted for around or in the pool.

And it would be helpful to have some knowledge on how to perform CPR if needed.

“Any time you have kids in water, anybody in water, you should definitely have somebody there that can actively help somebody in need,” says McAlarney Pools and Spa manager, Kaitlyn Bielic.

Those at McAlarney say that it is important to have proper pool upkeep, including sanitizing and cleaning your pool at least once a week.

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