Diabetes Dash aims to spread awareness

Updated: Jun. 12, 2021 at 10:45 PM EDT
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RAVENSWOOD, W.Va. (WTAP) - Coplin Health Systems partnered with the City of Ravenswood to host the fifth annual Dash for Diabetes.

Runners and walkers stretched and warmed up at the line, waiting for the ten second countdown. Then they took off, all for a good cause.

Coplin Health Systems’ senior project manager explained, “Our goal is to help reduce diabetes and diagnose it sooner so that we can experience less comorbidities and have better health.”

The 5K is not only meant to spread awareness but also to promote a healthy lifestyle. This can help protect you from the disease.

Coplin Health System’s Chief Medical Officer Murrita Bolinger said, “..., looking at your nutrition, not overeating, portion control...those are really quick measures for prevention.”

While diabetes is an issue across the world, it’s especially relevant in West Virginia. In 2019, the state had the second highest rate of diabetes in the nation.

WTAP spoke to a local who’s had personal experience.

Craig Bock, a runner, has had type two diabetes for about seven years. He remembers the symptoms that lead him to getting tested.

“Oh I was getting major exhaustion during the day. I was falling asleep practically at work, going to bed at night probably 7 or 7:30 because I was just exhausted. My sugar was too high,” he said.

Since Craig’s diagnosis, he’s made healthy changes to his lifestyle, which have helped control his symptoms.

Bolinger said some common symptoms to look out for include fatigue, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, unexplainable weight loss or gain, dry mouth, or blurry vision.

Early detection is key to preventing severe outcomes.

Bolinger elaborated, “Elevated glucose or blood sugar over a long period of time untreated over a long period of time will start to cause in-target organ damage and those in-target organs are the eyes, heart, kidney, circulation, and nerve endings.”

Proceeds from the race will go towards CHS Diabetes Initiative and Ravenswood Recreation Youth Program to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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