This is Home: WWII Veteran Roy Sees

102-year-old Roy Sees shares war memories, life advice
Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 11:22 AM EDT
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BELPRE, O.H. (WTAP) -A few weeks ago, local WW2 veteran Roy Sees received France’s Knight’s Medal of the Legion of Honor for his time serving in France during World War 2. WTAP sat down with Mr. Sees to learn more about his time fighting in Europe and his life here in the MOV.

“You couldn’t sit down because if you did you’d freeze to death.”

Roy Sees doesn’t have too many fond memories of serving in the 100th U.S. Infantry Division.

“It was terrible, weather, snow, rain, sleet mud...It’s hard to describe just how hard it is to be a front-line combat soldier.”

Sees also served in the army Aircore and received a bronze medal and a purple heart after he was shot twice while in battle.

However, the hardships continued when he returned stateside.

“I didn’t know my first wife was expected to die. She was in the hospital and I didn’t even know anything about it because there was no communication from the time they started dropping us back until we hit the states.”

Sees, who was raised in the MOV says his first wife Thelma had Tuberculosis. Doctors told them to move to Tucson Arizona where she could be better treated. They moved west and enjoyed life together until Thelma sadly passed away in 1984.

Sees says he would return to Belpre often to visit family and eventually found his second wife Irene. Together they traveled the world after he retired from being an Electrical plans examiner.

“So, we’d hop in an airplane and go down to Old Mexico and drink margaritas and walk the beaches and such as that.”

Although Irene passed away years ago, Sees says he keeps her and Thelma close to his heart by tending to his rose bushes-their favorite flowers.

“That’s why I have all those roses out there to take care of. We have about 25,30 rose bushes and they are mean...they’ll scratch yah.”

Taking time to stop and smell the roses is just the kind of life advice Sees shares.

Enjoy life! Don’t just sit down and do nothing, that’s crazy!

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