Vintage baseball team makes appearance at Blennerhassett Island

Updated: Jun. 13, 2021 at 11:17 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Today the sternwheeler to Blennerhassett Island turned into a time machine of sorts.

WTAP went back to talk to The Ohio Village Muffins.

On the grass outside of the mansion, The Ohio Village Muffins lined up at the plate. You could tell from a glance at their bow ties that this wasn’t your average baseball game. It was a vintage baseball game - mimicking the style of the 1860′s.

They even matched the attire...long sleeves and khakis in the scorching heat.

Muffin member Jim Kimnach explained,“Gentlemen back in the 1800s did not want to expose bare arms. Ladies did not want to expose bare ankles.”

While the players looked very proper, that doesn’t mean they didn’t squeeze in some banter.

Muffin member Tom Della Flora laughed, “Yeah I guess they would call it a trash talk back then but we got to keep it to a...keep it clean.”

It was after all a game for gentlemen.

Kimnach said, “We call it a gentlemanly game because it was played by gentlemen. They did not argue or they tried to avoid arguing with the umpire, they tried to be nice to both teams so if you see someone on the other team make a good play, both teams cheer him on”

And a game for muffins as well.

Della Flora said, “So the muffin guys maybe weren’t the best ball players at the time and there was actually a word called “muff” which means air which is where the muffins name came from.”

Which means there’s room for goofs.

Della Flora remembered, “There’s just a ton of memories. one of them happened to be here a few years ago with a man losing his pants between first and second base.”

After all, just like in the old days, competition wasn’t the main goal.

Kimnach said he hopes the vintage game models a sportsmans-like approach to the sport.

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