Ohio State Senate Bill 135 passes state senate

Published: Jun. 25, 2021 at 5:06 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Commuter colleges are close to potentially adding a BSN program for nurses at their schools.

Washington State Community College president Vicky Woods was at the state senate in support of this legislation.

Woods and other officials at the commuter college say that this move will better assist with the nursing shortage seen in Ohio.

Especially in parts of Southeast Ohio.

Darla Boone, associate degree nursing director says, “It helps to advance nursing knowledge and skills. Which is all about advancing the healthcare of the community. Is it important for this area? Absolutely. Because we have so many of our graduates, especially the younger graduates, that will continue for a bachelor’s degree. But then leave the area.

As well as providing students a cheaper option at earning their bachelor’s degree with more flexible hours.

“Many of our students, graduates of Washington State Community College, don’t have the flexibility to leave and after they earn their associate’s degree go on to earn a bachelor’s degree,” says WSCC president, Vicky Woods.

According to WSCC officials—over the last ten years—Only 17 percent of Washington State’s associate’s degree earners have gone on to earn their BSN.

And fewer than five percent of 25-plus ADN graduates have earned their bachelor’s.

In 2010, Ohio set out a goal to have at least 80 percent of nurses have at least a bachelor’s in nursing by 2020,they only achieved 57 percent.

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