UPDATE: Mayor could soon release findings in Hupp investigation

Published: Jul. 7, 2021 at 9:53 AM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Marietta Mayor Josh Schlicher told WTAP Wednesday afternoon that a third party investigator has completed her report on accusations against Marietta Police Chief Rodney Hupp.

Schlicher said he hopes to release more details in the coming days.

Hupp has been on paid administrative leave for over a month while an investigator looked into accusations that the police chief had created a hostile work environment.

Schlicher said the allegations came to light in March. They were first made by one person, but the mayor said a “few” more followed.

He did not go into detail about the allegations and could not comment on whether or not Hupp was expected to return to work.

“It’s all, you know, within the walls of the police department. Didn’t affect the public any. There’s nothing criminal. It’s conduct,” said Schlicher.

The mayor said that while the third party report is finished, the investigation is still ongoing.

Captain Aaron Nedeff has been named acting police chief.

The mayor said the city is looking into updating its policies in the police department and other offices. He stressed that this investigation should not waver the public’s faith in the police department.


Marietta Police Chief Rodney Hupp is on paid leave while under investigation for allegedly creating a hostile work environment.

Marietta Mayor Josh Schlicher and Safety Service Director Steve Wetz told WTAP Wednesday morning that the city has hired a third party investigator to look into the allegations.

WTAP has made multiple attempts to contact the third party investigator over the last few weeks with no success.

Officials said Captain Aaron Nedeff is acting police chief while Hupp is on leave, and clarified that Hupp is not suspended, simply on paid leave.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Schlicher and Wetz said they could not comment further.

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