Thirteen-year-old ATV rider gives professionals a run for their money

WTAP News @ 6 - This Is Home: Fort Frye middle-schooler gives professionals a run for their money
Published: Jul. 18, 2021 at 12:19 AM EDT
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Jaden Cox describes herself as confident and funny. She began riding around four to five years old after her dad bought her a 90cc ATV.

If you go to one of Jaden’s races, chances are you’ll see her towards the front of the pack. While she’s not yet in high school, she races grown-ups and professionals in their forties.

If you ask her what she’s thinking out on the track, it’s one of the first things on her mind.

“Pick off all the men and get in front,” Cox said.

According to Jaden’s dad George Cox, Jaden has a part-time job where she makes money to split the cost of tournament fees, gear, and ATV parts with her dad. She pays to fill the gas tank as well.

“It helps me learn how to use money and how to fund for myself,” she said.

Cox says she wants her racing to give younger girls someone to look up to and hopes she can be that someday. She says racing gives her tons of confidence, and it has become a huge part of her life. Jaden hopes to continue racing in the future.

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