CAST Away Kayaking holds tribute for Trooper Timothy Gossett

WTAP News @ 6 - CAST Away Kayaking holds tribute for Trooper Timothy Gossett
Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 5:47 PM EDT
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COOLVILLE, Ohio (WTAP) - The people of CAST Away Kayaking in Coolville held a special tribute to Timothy Gossett.

They marked it specifically for today with 7-19 being his unit’s number—and they started at 10 a.m.—the same time he would start a shift.

He was a co-owner, a husband and a state trooper for the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

And they did something that he always loved to do.

“He thought of this idea of doing kayaking, doing a livery,” says Gossett’s widow, Michelle. “Because he wanted people to get out on the water and enjoy it as much as he did.”

Friends, family and first responders came out to kayak in memory of Gossett.

Many of his colleagues in law enforcement spoke very highly of his character, and willingness to help others.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Marietta Post Commander, Lt. Chris Chesar says, “Tim was a very giving person. Tim would love to hunt. He’d come in and make jerky and he’d put it out on a table and say, ‘Hey, I’m taking donations for Buying One Bears, where we would sponsor kids and take them shopping during Christmas time for that. So, always giving and always looking out for someone else besides himself.”

The owners say Tim would have loved the big turnout.

“It’s amazing, it’s awesome. Tim would’ve loved this,” says Gossett. “He loved kayaking, he loved being on the water. Having all these people here, I’m sure he’s smiling down on us.”

Co-owner, Angela McKenna says they want to make this tribute an annual event in the future.

“It is extremely heartwarming. We know that Tim had so many people in Marietta and the surrounding counties that just loved him,” says McKenna. “He was a good man. And the outpouring of support today just showed how many lives he did touch.”

CAST Away Kayaking says its name comes from using each of their first initials; Chele, Angela, Shawn, and Tim.

The owners say that they will continue to keep the “T” in the name to honor Tim.

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