Pleasants County law enforcement receives active shooter training

WTAP News @ 11 - Pleasants County law enforcement receives active shooter training
Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 5:50 PM EDT
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ST. MARYS, W.Va. (WTAP) - Law enforcement in Pleasants County is working together as a part of “active shooter training.”

“So, they’re training together. They’re training in a familiar atmosphere. And they are working on the same techniques, and the same communication skills, and dealing with, hopefully, personnel that they’re going to be dealing with on a regular basis,” says Omega Tactical Concepts reality based scenario instructor, Paul Koerner.

The instructors make these scenarios as realistic as possible.

“So, they’re learning to deal with life and death situations before they’re really life and death situations without the death consequences,” says Koerner.

Chief Stull says that these scenarios can prepare law enforcement for not only for whenever, but where ever these situations can occur.

“All the stuff that they’re learning here today can be adapted to a domestic situation—can be used in any kind of situation. It occurs in a business, in a home, on the street, or a school; God forbid, or a church,” says St. Marys police chief Bill Stull.

Chief Stull says that although Pleasants County is small, it is still important to have law enforcement prepared for all kinds of different situations.

“It’s worth every dime,” says Stull. “We cannot sit back and say ‘It won’t ever happen. We don’t need to fool with it. This is Mayberry RFD.’ No, we have to always be prepared to take care of any situation that occurs.”

Chief Stull wants to thank the city of St. Marys, the county commission and Sheriff Chuck Mankins for funding this training.

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