West Virginia University-Parkersburg awarded $100 thousand through Metallica Scholars Initiative

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 5:53 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - The commuter college is receiving $100 thousand through the “Metallica Scholars Initiative.”

Funded by Metallica’s All Within My Hands (AWMH) and led by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), the Metallica Scholars Initiative was designed to directly support students while elevating the importance of career and technical education. Metallica continues to use its global platform to speak out on the dignity of professional trades and community colleges that prepare students.

James Hetfield, Metallica’s vocalist/guitarist and co-founder, said, “As a touring entity, we are in direct involvement with multiple essential career choices along our path. From electrical, professional driving, culinary, mechanical maintenance, public safety, logistical organizers. And that just scratches the surface. Those, along with a multitude of other technical careers, make our touring and our performances possible. We are passionate and grateful to these trades and tradespeople.”

WVU-Parkersburg was selected as one of nine community college schools in the nation to earn this opportunity.

College president, Dr. Chris Gilmer, says that this is a chance to turn the page on providing more opportunities to their students.

He says that these sort of vocational jobs and trades will be highlighted because of this funding.

“The purpose of the Metallica Scholars Initiative is to increase the status of workforce and technical education. And to say once and for all, any job that you do with pride has equal nobility, that they’re all equally important and that they have value. And this is a way for us to demonstrate tangibly to our students through extra financial resources that we’ll be able to give to them. And we’re preparing them for careers and that we are thinking that students at rural West Virginia get to have all the same opportunities that students in any other part of the country get to have,” says Dr. Gilmer.

Dr. Gilmer says that the commuter school will be riding the lightning and having mandatory Metallica played on its college radio station.

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