Little Hocking Fire and Rescue divers finish recertification with mock emergency

Published: Jul. 25, 2021 at 6:23 PM EDT
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COOLVILLE, Ohio. (WTAP) - The Little Hocking Fire and Rescue diving team finished off their recertification training with a mock emergency this Sunday.

WTAP got in on the action.

Divers got suited up to search the pond for a fake body. While teammates assisted from the shore, you could follow divers’ paths by watching the bubbles.

Scott Foreman, an instructor for Dive Rescue International, explained, “..., obviously we can’t make it real so we want to make it real as possible so that’s why we throw in so many factors. We appreciate you assisting us too because that’s a facet of what we have to deal with when we’re on an emergency scene.”

It was all in all a team effort. Even WTAP played a role, pretending to respond to the scene as the media would in a rescue effort.

And we weren’t the only cast members playing a part. There were even fake witnesses.

Foreman said, “..., it’s also dealing with family. You know, the family - obviously they’ve witnessed something, you know, horrific and it’s something that no one wants to encounter and trying to mimic the emotions - which we had some great witnesses today that were able to mimic some of the emotions we would experience.”

Upset family members, missing people, and a ticking clock weren’t the only challenges these divers faced.

Little Hocking’s fire and dive lieutenant David Cook explained, “..., but we’re still in murky water where we’re not seeing anything...we get into the Ohio River or Little Kanawha, there’s no light, there’s no murkiness, there’s nothing.”

Diver Josh Chevalier elaborated, “..., and so we chose this spot because it has the blue dye for zero visibility to kind of mimic what we see in the Ohio River.”

While the mission was a success, a certificate merely skims the surface of what it means to be a diver.

Chevalier said, “We’ve been able to provide closure to a lot of families that you know maybe lost a loved one or we’ve actually had some rescues that we got there pretty early. We’ve had people that we rescued as a child or something and they’re an adult now and they can come you know talk to us and that’s just a great feeling.”

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