Fort Frye Marching Cadets prepare for upcoming marching band season

Fort Frye Marching Cadets
Fort Frye Marching Cadets(WTAP)
Published: Aug. 5, 2021 at 8:50 PM EDT
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MINERAL WELLS, W.Va. (WTAP) -In 2020, the Fort Frye Marching Cadets played at football games but couldn’t compete in competitions. This isn’t the case this year, as the band is looking forward to finally competing again.

“We are so excited to go to the competition,” Director Lauren Hill explained. “Last year we still got to put on a show and we played it at football games. But, it really wasn’t the same as you know going out to competition and getting that feeling of when you’re competing. So, we are really excited to put out this show and it’s a really good show.”

This week, students have been at band camp learning the music and putting together the show to bring home a win in the year’s competitions.

“We’re really learning like our work and stuff obviously,” Band Member Danielle Campbell said. “We’re getting to know each other we get to know the people here more, so we’re more friendly with each other.”

“It be putting together a show and being able to watch videos of it in like passing and being able to play the music here and being able to bond with friends,” Band Member Katelyn Haines said.

With band camp coming to a close and competitions approaching, Hill says the ultimate goal is for the band to continue working hard and improving every day.

“My biggest goal is to do better in every single practice, every single competition, and every time we perform, I just want to do better,” Hill said. “So every time we get out there, I’d like to see us improve and keep working really hard.”

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