With growing Covid numbers, the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department hires more

Published: Aug. 13, 2021 at 7:52 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department has been looking for Covid case investigators in anticipation of what growing case numbers could bring.

Three case investigator positions - one being an outbreak investigator position - opened up in their Wood County office, while six opened up in their Roane County office. This is according to Spokesperson Carrie Brainard, who says multiple temp workers moved on to other jobs when case numbers dropped.

Brainard explained that outbreak investigators focus on organizations that end up having a number of positive Covid cases, which have to be reported to the state, while Covid case investigators focus on individuals.

She gave a basic overview of what the Covid case investigators do, saying, “They will be making the phone calls to anyone that tests positive, making sure they understand what concerns they have, what their symptoms are, if they need to isolate. They will talk to them about anyone they may have been in contact with that we need to get a hold of and say you need to quarantine and follow up with them.”

While case investigators are not overwhelmed at the moment, with case numbers climbing, the department wants to avoid a repeat of January and February.

Brainard said, “They’re not overwhelmed at this point in time but if we continue to see the increase that we’re seeing, they could very quickly be overcome. They were in January and February when we had so many cases that were coming in so quickly...,”

Brainard explained case investigators help stop the spread of Covid because, the sooner they get in contact with people who test positive, the sooner they can warn their contacts.

Applications for positions are now closed.

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