Academic Achiever of the Week: Jayden VanNoy

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Published: Sep. 28, 2021 at 8:20 PM EDT
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VINCENT, Ohio (WTAP) - Jayden vanNoy is a senior at Warren High School who has a 4.0, is a member of multiple honor societies, and gets involved in her community.

And that’s why she’s this week’s Academic Achiever of the Week.

“It’s not been easy. It takes a lot of nights where I didn’t get a lot of sleep. Don’t worry, I definitely love my sleep. So, I made sure to catch up,” says VanNoy.

Jayden is a hardworking student who is in the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and the academic top ten.

VanNoy says, “It was something that I knew was a goal since I got to the high school. And was always my goal to be number one in my class. Be top ten.”

VanNoy is currently trying to narrow down college choices. Ohio State and the University of Cincinnati are her two favorites so far.

No matter where she goes, she won’t be entirely new to college courses. She’s already taking some classes at Washington State Community College.

“I’ve had the preparation of how to communicate with a professor,” says VanNoy. “Most of them, all of them, have been online. Or just through dual-enrollment here at the school.”

Along with her outstanding academics, Jayden is a two-sport athlete in both track and basketball; and has gotten involved in her community through a teen mental health workshop.

She says her afterschool activities help her focus on schoolwork.

“Being able to deal with that helps me focus better,” says VanNoy. “When I stress out about something, my time management goes out the door. I’m like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do it. I’ll do it later.’ I procrastinate so much worse when I’m stressed out.”

Jayden wants to major in nursing. Once she’s done with college, she wants to become a traveling nurse anesthetist.

She says that she wants to do this because of her passion to help people, and her love of travel.

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