Woman reconnects with her MOV roots to spread awareness abut Alopecia

WTAP News @ 5
Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 4:39 PM EDT
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MID OHIO VALLEY (WTAP) -It’s often common to assume that if a woman is bald she has Cancer. However, thanks to a teacher who grew up in the MOV, more people are learning that baldness can also mean someone has alopecia.

Cameron Walker shares that September is Alopecia awareness month. She also shares that she has a full head of hair growing up but first experienced hair loss in middle school. She then began to lose most of her hair in her mid-20s. Walker says she spent years trying to find out what was wrong and when her doctor told her she had alopecia she struggled to understand how and why she could have this condition.

“The frustrating part about alopecia is that there aren’t a lot of answers. There’s not a lot of reasons why it happens. There’s really no way to pinpoint what causes it. There’s a lot of speculation. People say it’s stress, people say it’s trauma, anything, Walker said.

Despite being in denial for several years, Walker says she eventually ditched the ball cap and invested in some wigs. She says while there are no other serious side effects of having alopecia, people, especially women, often feel like they aren’t living up to a certain standard of beauty because of their baldness. Walker says she has learned that sharing her story with others helps not only educate people about Alopecia but removes the stigma of being bald.

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