Belpre community comes out for returning Apple Butter Stir-Off

Published: Oct. 9, 2021 at 8:24 PM EDT
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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - The Belpre Apple Butter Stir-Off is back after missing 2020.

The Belpre Lions Club holds the event and is happy to be able to have the event this year.

“I just wanted to make sure that our club was able to get this done, and get it done properly. And that we could come together as a club. And that the community come together to this event,” says Belpre Lions Club president, Bobette Grimm.

People attending got the chance to enjoy local vendors, live music, and of course, the apple butter.

Maggie Webster and her husband have been doing the Stir-Off since the beginning, and always look forward to the event.

“Well, we started, my husband and I started about 43 years ago,” says Webster. “This is our 43rd year, originally it was a small community festival started at Holgren’s Market.”

The process of making the apple butter is something that doesn’t come easy.

Webster says that it takes her 10 hours to make the treat, and no one person can do it alone.

Webster says, “All of it is not a one-person type of thing. We have three people over there making apple sauce, we have somebody on the fires cooking apples, people selling the apple butter we made last weekend, and two of us stirring. So, it’s not a one-person job at all.”

People who came to the Stir-Off say it is something that they look forward to every year.

“That’s what we want to do,” says Grimm. “We want to just bring back and provide for the community something that they can enjoy and take back and remember and come back next year.”

The Stir-Off will be continuing Sunday from noon to five in the afternoon.

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