Vienna Elementary hosts The Pumpkin Drop

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 7:40 PM EDT
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VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP) - Vienna Elementary School got into the spirit of the season for Friday’s lesson.

Pumpkins fell out of the sky, met by the cheers of students below. It’s called The Pumpkin Drop.

Megan Meeks, a teacher involved with the project, said, “It was insane. All week long… ‘When’s the pumpkin drop? When’s the pumpkin drop?’”

The objective is simple. Don’t break the pumpkin.

Meeks explained, “Each class got a box - bubble wrap, duct tape, balloons, cotton balls, packaging paper, and string and they were able to use as many of the supplies as they wanted…,”

Aiden and Seth, pumpkin drop teammates, said they used all the supplies they could possibly fit into their design.

“..., and we just wrapped everything in paper too,” Seth said.

Aiden added, “So it had like a body suit.”

Each class broke into groups then voted on the best design to try their hand at.

Then it was time to smash some pumpkins.

Meeks said, “I hope they learned a lot from it. We did go over like the speed the pumpkin would be falling, the force it would be falling…,”

While the pumpkin drop may be over, Aiden and Seth already know how they’ll improve next year.

“Instead of making the body of armor, we would make like a bigger cushion and on top we’d put bubble wrap and all other stuff…,”

And the consensus seems to be it’s a tradition worth doing again.

Meeks said, “I’ve already had kids say ‘I can’t wait to do a new plan next year. I’m so excited for the pumpkin drop next year’ so I think it was a big hit.”

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