Investigators: Two or more people may be involved in 1995 Washington County murders

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Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 5:28 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 2, 2021 at 5:55 PM EST
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - We’re learning more about the deaths of two Washington County residents more than 25 years ago, for which an arrest was made earlier this fall.

A bill of particulars requested by defendant Scott Hickman’s attorney, says that on the morning of March 5, 1995, Hickman picked up another man, who brought with him a container full of gasoline.

Hickman and an unidentified man drove to the mobile home occupied by Kimberly Fulton and her son, Daniel. The document also says the other man was the person who killed the two Fultons, before pouring gasoline in the living room area of the home and lighting it, setting fire to the home.

“Once in the home, according to the defendant, the other person smothered Daniel Fulton and Kim Fulton to death with a pillow and/or via strangulation in separate beds located at different ends of the mobile home,” the bill of particulars said. “Further, according to the defendant, the other person....then took possession of the item storing the gasoline and poured the gasoline in the living room area of the mobile home and lit a fire to the living room area of the mobile home.”

A member of the sheriff’s office Cold Case Unit indicated investigators have known of a second person, besides Hickman, who was involved in the deaths and the fire.

“The witnesses and the evidence suggest there may be two or more people involved,” said Lt. Bruce Schuck.

The bill of particulars document says Hickman and the other man left the scene of the fire, which happened in the pre-dawn hours. But it later adds that, while firefighters were later at the scene, Hickman and another person slowly drove past the burning structure.

“We believe there’s additional witnesses out there that are holding back information,” Lt. Schuck says, “and we encourage them to come forward with any and all information they may have, irregardless of how insignificant they may think that information is.”

The Cold Case Unit can be reached at 740-760-0760.

Hickman was arraigned in Washington County Common Pleas Court shortly after his arrest. His trial is currently set for April 12, 2022.

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